ROSA’s activity is aimed at the dissemination of humanistic ideas of Carl Orff’s musical pedagogy (ROSA’s statute, p.2). We give everyone, who is keen on Orff-Schulwerk ideas, an opportunity for professional development! The Association holds its own teaching courses at different levels of depth, seminars, workshops with the participation of Russian and foreign specialists.

Our traditions
We honour and keep our Association’s traditions:
1. Every member of the Association receives a membership card sent by regular post.
2. The Association still charges membership fees, at the expense of which we issue a yearly magazine “Vestnik”, which is sent by ordered parcel post to every member of our Association. The fees also fund the development and administration of ROSA’s website, the organization of different events, the encouragement of the most active members of ROSA.
3. We send “Vestnik” magazine abroad, to Orff-Schulwerk Associations of other countries.
4. At the expense of contributions we provide material assistance to those who tell us that they need such when possible.

The number of ROSA members is defined by number of those who paid their yearly fees timely.

At the moment ROSA has branches in multiple regions of Russia and it covers not only west and central part of Russia, but also Siberia, Far North and Far East. Our foreign colleagues, living in Austria, Belarus, Canada, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Estonia, also participate in the Association. Branches of Moscow and Moscow oblast, Ekaterinburg, Samara, Novosibirsk and Yugra are largest in number and activity.

ROSA in the Orff-Schulwerk system
The Association is a member of International Orff-Schuilwerk Forum Salzburg (IOSFS). For all years the Association exists its members have never missed any symposium organized by the Forum.

Association’s events
Many qualified Orff-pedagogy specialists, carrying out their seminars in Russia and abroad, are part of the Association: Vadim Kanevsky, Galina Khokhryakova, Nadiya Lobanova, Tatyana Potekhina, Iliza Safarova, Irina Shestopalova, Elena Zaburdyaeva, Vyacheslav Zhilin, etc.

Russian Orff-Schulwerk Association organizes and carries out workshops, seminars and conferences.
For example, in August 2015, at the international conference with a well-known presenter Leonardo Riveiro Holgado (Austria) an important event for the Association took place – the election of the new president of ROSA. Irina Shestopalova (city of Novosibirsk) was elected as President, Irina Korneeva – as Vice President. Vyacheslav Alexandrovich Zhilin, Nina Nikolaevna Perunova and Iliza Elfatovna Safarova became honorary members of the Association.

An international practical conference-workshop with presenter Malina Sarnowska from Poland, carried out in Saint-Petersburg in June 2017, was a significant event. The conference was organized by Saint-Petersburg state budgetary institution “Primorsky Culture Center” and ROSA.

At spring of 2018 a festival “Orff-spring” was held in Moscow (Moscow regional branch of ROSA, led by Irina Baranova, was its organizer), within which workshops, concerts, a theatre play and a round table took place; a premiere of Carl Orff’s “Speech pieces” for a reciter, speaking choir and a percussion ensemble took place (an initiator of the performance and a conductor – Galina Miluskevskaya).

ROSA’s jubilee conference “Orff-movement in Russia – 30 years of the way” took place in June 2018.

Since August 2017 sessions of the second Level Course in Russia are held in Novosibirsk twice a year, the graduation will take place in August 2019. In June 2019 the first session of a new Level Course will be held in Moscow.

Russian Orff-Schulwerk Association is open to dialogue and cooperation with other communities and associations either in Russia or abroad. We all serve one purpose – spreading Orff-pedagogy in Russia.