Rosa’s “Vestnik” (“Messenger”)… Early notebooks with typewritten texts, handwritten scores and “Issued irregularly” written on a plain cover and today’s solid, professionally laid out annual magazine do not seem to have anything in common except the title. But it’s not true – the continuity is clearly visible!

Since the very first issues, “Vestnik”’s readers – ROSA members – have been its primary authors, and they still are; “Topic of the issue” and “Practics” have been the main sections of the magazine for ages; a full list of members of our Association, regional representatives’ contact details and the information about joining the Association and the purposes of membership fees expending are published in every issue.

In 1990’s (the time of not-so-reliable paper mail and expensive intercity telephony), “Vestnik” was not just our media, but also the main way of communication for colleagues and like-minded people, living really far away from each other, for territory of Russia is vast. It seemed to give us all an opportunity to feel like being in a large – country-wide! – round dance with our friends. The time passed, E-mail, mobile phones and social networks made distances insignificant, but printed “Vestnik” is still important for hundreds of people. “Vestnik” is an opportunity to get to know the colleagues’ interesting experience, to share one’s pedagogical discoveries and problems, to take part in discussing the “Topic of the issue”, to read theoretical articles, including translations of Orff’s approach classics and interviews with masters. The full magazine issues collection is a storage of useful information for all occasions!

These are the topics of our magazine issues since 1998:
N.7 (1998) “Orff in a music school?”
N.9 (1999) “Structure of a lesson”
N.10 (2001) “Movement”
N.11 (2002) “Critique”
N.12 (2003) “Organization”
N.13 (2005) “Agile kids”
N.14 (2006) “Music and dances of the world”
N.15 (2007) “Result”
N.16 (2008) “Orff-teacher in Russia)
N.17 (2009) “Literature about Orff-pedagogics”
N.18 (2010) “Rules”
N.19 (2011) “Orff-chapter in my city”
N.20 (2012) “Warning! A special case!”
N.21 (2013) “Past, present and future of the Orff-society in Russia”
N.22 (2014) “Children’s creative ideas at Orff-lessons”
N.23 (2015) “Orff-pedagogics and the Russian system of musical education”
N.24 (2016-2017) ”Orff-orchestra through the teachers’ eyes”
N.25 (2017-2018) – is being prepared for publishment) “Concerts for children”

In recent years the operative information (announcements of the seminars, feedback about them, regional branches news) is published mainly in VK and Facebook groups, and also at the ROSA website. Apparently, the printed “Vestnik” will become a digest of the most important theoretical and practical materials; reports about the most important events of a year (or a season) – both European and worldwide – will also be published in the magazine. Methodological works and celebrations scripts will apparently be published mainly at the website. An idea of adding an attachement with scores to “Vestnik” is being considered.

“Vestnik” editor (since 2006) – Galina Khokhryakova; heretofore Vyacheslav Zhilin was the permanent editor.
Associate editor – Rimma Mukhitova.
Layout – Tatyana Krylova.
Summary – Lev Khokhryakov.

Authors of the last three issues: Irina Savelova (Solnechnogorsk), Natalya Kotyukova (Yaroslavl), Nastasya Akhunova (St. Petersburg), Galina Khokhryakova (Amzya), Vyacheslav Zhilin (Varna), Tatyana Shevakhina (Vladimir), Evgeniya Fayustova (Ekaterinburg), Ella Bessonova and Rusiyat Aliyeva (St. Petersburg), Irina Korneyeva (Samara), Natalya Alexandrova (Novosibirsk), Natalya Golubeva (Tyumen), Nadiya Lobanova (Tomsk), Elena Filimonova (Tyumen), Vadim Kanevsky (Moscow), Anna Lazanchina (Samara), Elena Vdovina (Nizhny Novgorod), Oksana Vargalskaya (Samara), Galina Voronova and Olga Gedvil (Narva, Estonia), Olga Pavlushchenko (Moscow), Elena Poplyanova (Chelyabinsk), Irina Pilyayeva (Zelenogorsk), Svetlana Tazhina (Nizhny Novgorod), Svetlana Miroshnichenko and Lyudmila Unzimayeva (Zelenogorsk), Tatyana Fyodorova (Samara).

Interviews and translations (in the last three issues) – Nadezhda Svetlichnaya (Rostov-na-Donu), Natalya Shestopalova (St. Petersburg), Lev Khokhryakov (Ekaterinburg), Olga Pavlushchenko (Moscow), Irina Shetopalova (Novosibirsk).