Carl Orff and
Gunild Keetman’s
creative pedagogy.

Humanism, openness and sociability.

Lots of music, joy, communication, playing…

Playing by the rules! Step-by-step didactics. Content from different cultures and ages.

Russian Orff-Schulwerk Association (ROSA)

Russian Orff-Schulwerk Association gives everyone, who is keen on Orff-Schulwerk ideas, an opportunity for professional development.

The Association holds its own teaching courses at different levels of depth, seminars, workshops with the participation of Russian and foreign specialists.

Members of ROSA are given an opportunity to attend Association’s events on preferential terms.

Our Mission is:
To contribute the dissemination of Orff-Schulwerk in Russia and to support the professional development of members of ROSA.

Upcoming events

Representatives of ROSA in 2020 - Vyacheslav Zhilin (ex-President) and Irina Shestopalova (President).

Topics for discussion (both in plenary and groups) will include:
- Identity and tasks of the IOSFS
- Expectations of IOSFS members
- New voting procedure
- Financing the IOSFS
- Proposals for the future



July 6 – 9 the IOSFS Convention will be held online