​Special Course 2020 - 2021 POSTPONED

  • 16.06.2020

Special Course 2020 - 2021 POSTPONED

Dear Presidents,
Due to the fact that the Corona Virus has stopped many activities and plans, the directors of the Special Course 2020 - 2021 have to announce that the university course "Advanced Studies in Music and Dance Education - Orff-Schulwerk" 2020 - 2021 will not be held this coming academic year. The situation in October 2020 cannot be foreseen - especially the travel restrictions for students and staff from other countries.
It is planned that the course can be offered 2021 - 2022, hoping that everything will have changed for the better and that regular teaching will be possible.

Best regards,
Helge Musial, Shirley Salmon, Andrea Ostertag, Doris Valtiner
(Directors of the Special Course)
Shirley Salmon
International Orff-Schulwerk Forum Salzburg